1997 Goetz 7/8 model 486 VG



This 1997 Goetz 7/8 model 486 VG is a reissue version of one of the Voigt & Geiger shallow rib “pancake” basses that were popular with 1930s-40s professional swing band players. This instrument was previously owned and used in professional performance settings by two different traditional jazz bassists. This bass received a number of performance enhancements from our luthiers before it was ready for inventory.  The well chosen spruce top has narrow grain at the center, getting slightly wider at the edges. The top was pretty stiff as it came, so a top-off regraduation and bass bar remodeling gave it a much more responsive quality, especially in the lower notes. The flame figured maple back and sides are of moderate density, with a ringing tap tone. The original neck had a very long string length (just under 44″) in an Eb configuration, set into a very shallow mortice with a long and narrow button. We replaced the neck and set it more deeply into the neck block for a stronger joint and a much shorter 42 1/4″ (107.3 cm) string length in a D configuration. The engraved single unit tuning machines are made by Rubner. The aged African ebony fingerboard is from a German supplier. The neck was set to provide a final bridge height of 7 1/4″ (18.4 cm). The 10 mm endpin is a deluxe model with brass collar and thumbscrew. The dimensions are: Top length 43 3/8″ (110.2 cm), Upper bout width 21 3/8″ (54.3 cm), Middle bout width 14 3/4″ (37.5 cm), Lower bout width 26 3/4″ (67.9 cm), Length of back including button 44 7/8″ (114.0 cm), Rib depth at tail 5 1/4″ (13.3 cm), Rib depth at upper bout corner 5 1/4″ (13.3 cm), Rib depth at neck joint 5 1/8″ (13.0 cm), String length 42 1/4″ (107.3 cm). This instrument is a large-voiced jazz instrument that plays easily with gut strings or Pirastro Evah Pirazzi weich strings. The dark varnish finish has a 1920s-30s appearance. Leather bumpers were added to the G side upper and lower bouts for protection in a gigging life. This instrument is one of my current favorites in the shop for playing traditional style jazz. With cover.