Recent Instruments

Latest incoming Shen Basses

The latest new Shen basses on the shop floor are 2 perennially popular SB 200 Rogeri shape Willow flatback basses in large 3/4 size, Two 3/4 hybrid SB 150 hybrid modes, and one SB 200 maple carved back 5/8.
Shen 3/4 size hybrid basses in stock
Long time favorites for student doublebassists, the Shen 3/4 hybrid models are in stock and ready to audition. There are currently 2 new examples of the SB 150, two used SB 150s, and 3 new examples of the SB 180 model. See the Shen double basses section for more information.

Smaller sized student basses in inventory

1/2 size: Used Eastman VB 90 hybrid, Used Eastman 605 B all-solid woods
5/8 size: New repaired Shen SB 100, New Shen SB 150 hybrid, New Shen SB 190 hybrid

Latest Jason Brown C extensions

I now have in inventory the most recently performance-enhanced carved back bass with Jason Brown’s fine C extensions recently installed. This 1999 Martin Sheridan “Panormo” model flatback bass received a neck reset, a new German sourced ebony fingerboard, some side crack repairs, a back brace replacement, and a light top regraduation by Allan Droyan. The huge sounding orchestral bass went down to Laguna Hills for a complete setup and new C extension installation by Jason Brown. I plan to have Jason install his custom made C extensions on my own basses at the rate of one per month going forward. The next two basses in line will be a ca. 2000 Martin Sheridan flatback Panormo, and a 1960s German 3/4 carved back bass with a top regraduation also performed by Allan Droyan. On these bi-monthly drives down to Southern California, I can deliver your bass to Jason Brown and even return with them. I would suggest that a pickup and final checkout of your instrument be done by you in person in Laguna Hills with Jason, so that fine adjustments to playing style or tone and response with setup and soundpost tweaks can be achieved working together with him. Jason Brown can be reached at (949) 870-5075.

Recent Performance-enhanced Basses

The most recent inventory arrivals of a few significantly improved used doublebasses include:

  • Early 1960s Hofner 3/4 carved back that received a new fingerboard and top-off procedures that included a slight regraduation, remodeling of then bass bar, and recreating of the old crack repairs. Recently set up by Jeff Sahs in Sacramento, this bass has a large, buttery jazz voice that should remind the player of a 1930s era German instrument. The 42 1/8″ string length and easy setup make it a joy to play.
  • Early 1960s German 7/8 carved back bass that received a neck reset, top regraduation, and new German ebony fingerboard installation by Allan Droyan. The bass then proceeded to Jason Brown in Laguna Hills, CA for installation of one of his custom C extensions and a complete orchestral setup with Pirastro Permanent strings. The very solid orchestra section performer now has a profound presence and a rich voice that may remind some players of a 1930s era German orchestral instrument.
  • ca. 1960s small 3/4 German violin cornered carved back bass that has received a top regraduation and bass bar remodeling, engraved Rubner tuning machine transplant, new nut, new fingerboard, new Josef Teller bridge with adjusters, new Hill style ebony tailpiece, a fresh New Harmony endpin with solid graphite pin, and a set of Pirastro Flexocore Deluxe strings. This instrument has a large and solid orchestral voice for a bass of this size. It is a great performing instrument with a quick and nimble response, perfect for a smaller sized adult player. The listing for this bass is found in the “$5,000 – $10,000” section of the website.