1920s German 3/4 flatback

$9,975.00 $8,950.00


The ca. 1920s German 3/4 flatback bass returns to the shop after 10-12 years. I first sold it to a retired cardiac physician that wanted to dig more deeply into his jazz playing hobby in retirement. When this man moved to Hawaii, he sold it to his teacher, himself a professional national touring jazz performer. This factory bass is remarkable for its high quality spruce top, which features very consistent grain structure and grain width. It translates to a strong, vibrant jazz voice. The maple ribs have benefitted from professional crack repairs. The plain figure maple back plate has received a professionally reglued center seam and button break, with an internal false button. The neck has a replacement aged African ebony fingerboard and well maintained halfplate “hat peg” string posts. The bridge with added adjusters was made by String Bass Studio in Berkeley. The ebony tailpiece is an older style design. The adjustable endpin is a Lemur-made unit with 10 mm steel rod. The light brown varnish was lightly applied. Dimensions are: Top length 42 3/4″, Upper bout width 19 5/8″, Middle bout width 13 7/8″, Lower bout width 26 1/8″, Length of back including button 44 7/8″, Rib depth at tail is 7 3/8″, Rib depth at upper bout crease is 7 3/8″, Rib depth at neck joint is 5 1/2″, String length is 42 1/4″, Bridge height is 6 3/4″. The Pirastro Perpetual stringing brings out a rich, muscular tone and an easy playing elastic feel. The trounced upper bout angle above the crease makes playing on a stool especially comfortable. This instrument is very much a professional level jazz bass. With cover.