1950s German large 3/4 carved back w/ Jason Brown C ext



This trade-in 1950s German large 3/4 pattern carved back bass was built on the pattern of many German factory basses from the 1920s and 1930s. The woods were well chosen and feature a German spruce top with well defined grain lines and moderately flame figured German Maple back, sides and neck. The instrument was successfully used as a performance instrument for several decades by the former owner. A nice sounding instrument when it came in, the performance enhancements of a top regraduation and bass bar reshaping, Neck reset, and new fingerboard brought out a very large voice that we might expect from a 7/8 sized instrument. The pre-WWII style string length of 42 5/8″ (108 cm)gives a lot of power to the voice, but it is not a stiff playing bass. The tuning machines are a beautifully engraved Rubner halfplate set. The replacement aged African ebony nut and fingerboard  are nice and dense. The Aubert Bridge has adjusters added as part of the comprehensive new setup. The replacement ebony Hill style tailpiece was chosen for a clear and colorful midrange tap tone. The 1950s era adjustable aluminum endpin is still in fine working order. The white oak side bumpers have a fresh coat of black finish applied. The dramatic dark red-orange varnish finish reveals the grain character underneath. The strings used are Evah Pirazzi orchestra gauge.

Top length 43 1/2″ (110.5 cm), Upper bout width 20 3/8″ (51.7 cm), Middle bout width 15 1/4″ (38.7 cm), Lower bout width 26 1/2″ (67.3 cm), Depth at tail 8 7/8″ (22.5 cm), Depth at upper bout corner 8 5/8″ (21.9 cm), Depth at neck 7 1/8″ (18.1 cm), String length 42 5/8″ (108.3 cm).

This bass has a profound presence, whether played in jazz or orchestral settings. Of particular note is the very mature mature and large voice on the bottom two strings. This instrument has enough volume to compete with most 7/8 size instruments. We have had a Jason Brown 4 capo C extension fitted  and this bass is a strong performer in the orchestra or a jazz setting. This bass filled in ably as a 6 week emergency rental to the bassist for the SF production of “Hamilton” in the spring. This bass is currently strung with Pirastro Permanent strings. With cover.