New Shen SB 300 maple 5/8 carved back



This new Shen SB 300 (2022-10-105) maple 5/8 carved back bass is a splendid example, featuring a resonant spruce top that yields a larger voice than expected. The wide grain is at the edges and narrower bold grain at center, giving a balanced quality to the tone. The maple ribs, back, and neck have nice rich sounding tap tones. The tuning machines are individual brass and stainless steel unit. The nut, fingerboard, and tailpiece saddle are ebony. The replacement tailpiece is a Hill style unit. The adjustable 10 mm steel endpin moves smoothly and features a more durable tip design. The replacement bridge is a two tree Despiau with aded adjusters. The golden amber oil varnish finish is especially beautiful. The strings are Thomastic Bel Canto. Dimensions are: Top length 41 1/4″, Upper bout width 19 3/4, Middle bout width 13 1/2″, Lower bout width 25″, Rib depth at tail 8 1/8″, Rib depth at upper bout corner 7 1/8″, Rib depth at neck joint 6 1/4″, String length 39 5/8″. This beautiful bass is an especially fine orchestral instrument, though it could be successfully used as a jazz bass. With cover.