Slightly used Shen SB 200 Flatback 7/8 Gemunder 5 str



This slightly used Shen SB 200 willow 7/8 Gemunder flatback 5 string is a very strong section bass. The will back and sides tend to reinforce the low midrange and bass range. The neck is a comfortable profile and the string length needed to project with the low B stringing is a moderate 42 5/8″ (108.4 cm). The bridge height is a very effective 7 3/16″ (18.2 cm) for good mechanical leverage. The oil varnish finish is quite beautiful on this instrument, set off with the brass tuners, gold bridge adjusters, and gold New Harmony endpin. I have supplied Pirastro Flat Chromesteel strings for a strong fundamental tone and colorful midrange.

The Dimensions are:
Top length 44 1/2″ (113 cm), Upper bout width 21″ (53.3 cm), Middle bout width 14 3/4″ (37.5 cm), Lower bout width 27″ (68.6 cm), Rib depth at tail 9 1/4″ (23.5 cm), Rib depth at upper bout corner 8 5/8″ (22 cm), Rib depth at tail 7 1/8″ (18.1 cm), String length 42 5/8″ (108.4). This bass will perform proud service in the section of any college, community its, or conservatory orchestra. A very fine student level 5 string instrument. With cover.

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