New Maple Leaf 150 model 3/4 carved back




This new Maple Leaf 150 model 3/4 carved back features a top with a slightly narrower grain width and brighter tap tone for a more complex voice in the upper registers. I enjoy this model, as it is the flagship model for the company, showing fine wood choice, clean workmanship, a consistently complex and beautiful student voice, and the beautiful amber orange oil varnish finish. The narrower grain spruce top has bold and well-defined brain lines for a more complex voice up in the higher melody registers. As with all of these basses, the neck angle is quite good. The slender French derived pegbox shape is complimented with the gold-plated large gear individual tuning machines. I like to keep a supply of unfinished neck blanks from this company for mid-grade repair replacement procedures. The Aubert Bridge, fitted with New Harmony adjusters, was chosen for a smoother tap tone to compliment the complex tone of the top. The French style ebony tailpiece was chosen for the medium density and warmer tap tone to  compliment the brighter, more complex voice of this top. The New Harmony endpin assembly has a lightweight solid shaft graphite endpin. This bass has a complex, but balanced orchestral voice and is ideal for the student or community orchestra player. With cover.