ca. 2015 Custom New Standard Cleveland



This ca. 2015 custom New Standard Cleveland model was ordered with no finish and neck separate from the body. We set the neck to a steeper angle to result in a final bridge height of 6 7/8″ and applied a custom finish for a darker, softer look. This bass has a very strong voice for an all-laminated instrument, making it a great choice for touring or playing outdoor festivals. The maple neck is fit with Rubner tuning machines in an antique satin finish. The nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, and tailpiece saddle are all made of ebony. The 10 mm steel rod ULSA endpin has an rosewood collar. The bass is currently strung with Spirocore orchestra strings and it [plays quite easily. The volume and presence of the A and E strings are dramatically stronger than the standard lower neck angle provides. The dimensions are: Top length 42 1/2″, Upper bout width 21″, Middle bout width 16″, Lower bout width 26 1/8″, Rib depth at tail 8″, Rib depth at upper bout corner 7 1/2″, Rib depth at neck 6 1/4″, String length 42 1/8″. This bass has been played consistently for 5 years and has developed a strong voice with lots of character. With cover.