ca. 1930s Czech 3/4 carved back



This ca. 1930s Czech 3/4 carved back bass  returns after nearly 10 years away from the shop. This bass has had some performance enhancements that have given it a stronger voice and a much richer low end response than it originally had. The medium grain spruce top was regraduated and the bass bar remodeled for an easier response to a lighter touch and a much more developed bottom end. The back and sides are made from plain figure European maple. The lightly flame figured maple neck was originally fit with brass halfplate tuning machines that are still in good working order. The nut, tailpiece, and tailpiece saddle are all made from African ebony. The thin fingerboard was replaced with a full thickness African ebony board for more stability and a stronger voice. The ULSA adjustable endpin is the aluminum tube type. The replacement German maple bridge was chosen for the moderate density and good tap tone. The dark oil varnish finish shows areas of wear, but remains largely intact. The bass was used strictly for arco work by the consigning owner, using Pirastro Obligato strings. It is currently strung with Spirocore orchestra gauge strings for excellent jazz response. Dimensions are: Top length 43 1/4″, Upper bout width 20″, Middle bout width 14 1/4″, Lower bout width 25 1/4″, Rib depth at tail 7 3/4″, Rib depth at upper bout crease 7 3/4″, Rib depth at neck 6″, String length 41 1/4″. The jazz pizz response is excellent with a rich low end and easy playing feel. The consigning owner was very pleased with the arco voice of this bass. With cover.