ca. 1850 Charotte-Millot



This ca. 1850 Charlotte-Millot 7/8 flatback bass has a powerful and balanced voice, whether used for section or solo work. The spruce top plate has a few professionally performed crack repairs. The spruce top grain is medium grain width at the center joint, narrowing to medium-fine width as it passes over the f-hole area and widening a little at the edges. The tap tones are large and resonant. The maple ribs show some regular flame figure. The back plate is more plain figure, but has a good density, without being so heavy. The back plate tap tones are also large and resonant.  The maple neck is fit with single unit tuning machines. The nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, and tailpiece saddle are all made of African ebony. The ULSA adjustable endpin has a 10 mm steel rod. The adustable bridge was made by Pat McCarthy. Current stringing is Pirastro Evah Pirazzi weich. The gorgeous orange oil varnish shows a hint of red. Dimensions are: Top length 44 3/8″, Upper bout width 21 1/2″, Middle bout width 15 1/8″, Lower bout width 27 1/2″, Rib depth at tail 8″, Rib depth at upper bout corner 7″, Rib depth at neck joint 6″, String length 42 1/4″. This bass is very rewaarding to play, either in an orchestral section or for solo or small group work. With cover.