2014 Samuel Shen SB 200 Rogeri willow flatback



This returning champion is a fine example of the model that I campaigned for, the Shen SB 200 Rogeri willow flatback (2014-8-106), a large 3/4nsister to the very popular standard 3/4 size version. The spruce top features medium grain width and well-defined winter grain lines for a strong midrange and well-developed bass range. The willow ribs and back plate are medium dense in nature and feature bold, colorful tap tones. The maple neck is fit with single unit brass and stainless steel machines. The nut, fingerboard, tailpiece and tailpiece saddle are all made of ebony. The replacement bridge blank is a nice Aubert with added adjusters. The replacement endpin is an ULSA unit with tubular aluminum rod. The gorgeous red-brown oil varnish is very beautiful in natural light. The strings are Pirastro Flexocore Deluxe. Dimensions are: Top length 43 7/8″, Upper bout width 20 3/8″, Middle bout width 14 1/8″, Lower bout width 26 1/8″, Length of back including button 45 5/8″, Rib depth at tail is 8 3/4″, Rib depth at upper bout corner 7 7/8″, Rib depth at neck joint 6 5/8″, String length 41 1/2″. The voice of this bass is very bold and colorful in an orchestral setting. With cover.