2005 Collings OM-2H BA




This Collings OM-2H BA as built in very late 2005. If features nice dense Brazilian rosewood with very colorful tap tones The Adirondck spruce top features narrow grain at the center and wide grain at the edges. This guitar was used in performance for several years and has opened up nicely with regular play. All other features are standard for a Collings OM-2H. The owner lived in a dry climate and there was a center seam separation in the top that was closed up with Hide glue by Alan Perlman. Allan also performed a complete refret and setup adjustment to play easily in contemporary playing styles. The top picked up a small 1″ crack in the bass-side lower bout that Alan checked and could not work any more water-thin hide glue into. The only other injury is a little chip on the back side of the top of the bass side of the headstock. With original hardshell case.