2003 Calin Wultur “Carcassi” model



This 2003 Calin Wultur “Carcassi” flatback model has been performance-enhanced with a top regradution and a bass bar remodeling for more responsiveness and a larger presence in the lower part of the range. The Carpathian spruce top has bold and evenly spaced grain lines, with resonant tap tones. The moderately dense Carpathian maple back, sides and neck have relatively plain grain figure and vibrantly colorful tap tones. The single unit gold plated Rubber tuning machines have been lubricated regularly and turn freely. African ebony nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, and tailpiece saddle. The original endpin was replaced with an adjustable ULSA 10 mm endpin. The select maple bridge has had adjusters added. The varnish is a red-brown spirit varnish. The current stringing is Thomastik Spirocore orchestra gauge. Dimensions are: Top length 44 3/8″, Upper bout width 20 1/8″, Middle bout width 16″, Lower bout width 25 3/8″, Rib depth at tail 8 5/8″, Rib depth at upper bout crease 8 1/8″, Rib depth at neck joint 6 3/8″, String length 41 7/8″.  The regraduated top, remodeled bass bar, and wide 16″ waist give this bass a large and penetrating pizz voice for playing jazz. The arco voice is also large and colorful with the current stringing. With cover.