1947 Kay M-1



This 1947 Kay M-1 (15234) is in fine shape and was used by a folk and orchestral player for many years as an outdoor gigging instrument. The bass is in fine shape and was maintained over the years by a few Berkeley luthiers. The voice is balanced with the current stringing of Spirocore which strings. The Kluson tuning machines turn well, though one of the handles has been replaced. The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is in fine shape. The original bridge is not warped and is healthy. The tailpiece retains only part of its “Kay” decal. The adjustable endpin is commonly encountered in basses of this era. The dimensions are: Top length 43 1/2″, Upper bout width 19 7/8″, Middle bout width 14 3/4″, Lower bout width 26 3/8″, Rib depth at tail 7 1/2″, Rib depth at upper bout corner 7 1/8″, Rib depth at neck joint 6 1/4″, String length 42″. This bass has not been abused and has many more decades of playing life left in it. With cover.