1926 Martin OO-21




This 1926 Martin OO-21 (sn 25559) is a stage veteran player, with a large and forceful voice. Owned for decades by a touring musician, it is being consigned by its inheritor, another touring musician. The repairs, done long ago are solid and stable. There are 6 repaired and cleated cracks extending from the bridge area to the tail. Additionally there is a replaced maple bridge plate that is a little larger and slightly thicker than the original, giving some strength to the top that make it respond more like a 1932 era guitar, rather than one made in 1926. The Martin pick guard was likely added in the 1930s, during a repair shop visit to the Martin factory. The replacement bridge is 1/8″ longer and wider than the original and the saddle is properly intonated. The sides have several repaired and cleated cracks that are solid and tight. The back is in fine physical condition, with no repairs or cracks. The binding is entire intact and healthy. The neck is in fine condition, with a neck reset that leaves the neck angle perfect for this guitar. The cracked neck block was repaired with hot hide glue. The fretboard is in fine condition, with bar frets that have been milled to good height and fine playability. The tuners are a little worn, but fully functional. All of the pins are replacements. The finish has been oversprayed, especially on the repaired sides and lower bout of the top. This guitar is currently strung with Bluegrass gauge nickel strings, for a rollicking band-oriented response. With 1970s Guild OO size hard case, in very fine condition.