ca. 1890s German 3/4 carved back


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This ca. 1890s German 3/4 carved back bass is a veteran of a a hard gigging life with lots of top repairs and a scroll graft. The top is medium grain spruce with wider grain at the edges, a new bass bar having been installed by Greg at A&G Music many years ago. The back, sides, and neck are slightly flame figured Maple of generous thicknesses. The tuning machines have an interesting decorative thumbscrew attachment of the crown gears. The scroll graft is older, resulting in a shorter and more modern string length. The nut, neck wedge, and fingerboard were installed by the now defunct String Bass Studio. The tailpiece extension was likely made by Greg at A&G Music many years ago. The newer bridge and fingerboard work were done by Nathaniel Rich in his new shop in Richmond. DIMENSIONS are: Top length 41 3/4″, Upper bout width 20″, Middle bout width 14″, Lower bout width 24 7/8″, Uniform side depth from tail to neck is 8″, String length 42 1/4″. The lightness of the top responds well to lighter string gauges, such as Spirocore weich for pizz or Evah Pirazzi weich of arco settings. A very free-voiced instrument that plays quite easily. NO COVER provided by owner, so we can look at other options here.

Price: SOLD