String Bass Repairs

 In-House luthier Needed

We will be continuing to develop our in-house repair workshop in the middle of the shop, with three workbenches and a diverse set of hand tools, small power tools, clamps, etc. The larger tool area in the rear of the shop has a full compliment of larger power tools that make wood chips and sawdust. The ideal in-house luthier candidate would come to us with a lot of experience with maintenance and repair, and a strong background in tooling, jigs, and fixtures. We are looking for a shop trained luthier who brings a strong work ethic, a clear and concise communication style, and a sunny personality that is completely free of the ups and downs of the drama-prone “artistic temperament”  belonging to far too many solo doublebass luthiers and repair people.

It is important that the in-house luthier doesn’t bring the inherent conflict of interest of selling and trading his or her own instruments on the side. I have learned this lesson the hard way, as two separate former luthiers that had I utilized for student bass setups  were making side deals with my established customers and had attempted to try to secure their own dealerships for my already established primary student line of basses. One of these luthiers traded to get the student bass dealership behind my back at least twice, even with careful explanations of how retail sales territories work. Every dog gets one bite, but they never get excused for two.

  Repairs and setups by our allied team of doublebass luthiers

Our team of allied doublebass luthiers include: Allan Droyan, Jeff Sahs, Michael Olivola, Hannah Mayne, and Josh Tharp. We are happy to provide work for them that they most enjoy and the collaborative efforts often bring together collective results that surpass the expectations that we would have for just one talented and qualified doublebass luthier. They are considered friends and colleagues by the shop.

Whether it is regular maintenance to keep your bass performing trouble free on the job, installation of an upgrade bit of hardware or tuners, or a reglue of a loosened plates, any one of our allied luthiers can keep you going with minimal down time and competitive prices. We offer the use of loaner basses while your instrument is in the shop.

For specialized work, such are major repairs, restorations, performance modifications, or finish work, we can direct you to the person on our team allied doublebass luthiers who most likely to give you the results that you want. An in-store consultation here in the shop is the best way to start. Let us help you to find out how your instrument is performing well and how it could be refined and improved.


Please contact us if you would like to get an evaluation for your bass.

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“Workshop” Custom String Basses

The Deep field of doublebass repair talent that we regularly work with allows for some very interesting “Workshop” style custom instruments to be finished and reworked to provide top flight professional level performance at a price that is very affordable. Taking the basic idea from Charles Mingus’ Jazz Workshop composition and performance groups of the late 1950s, we have learned through the experiences of working with them which areas of building and modification each luthier likes to explore and has special talents for in design and execution.

Three of our allied team of luthiers are exceptionally talented in setups, two are very adept at neck resets, two are very talented in the area of top regraduation and voicing modification, and two are national level finish persons. The team effort allows each luthier to contribute to the finished result in the way that best expresses their own talents. Though most of the work is performed in their own shops, some of the work has been done in our two bench middle room of the shop.

Some of the workshop instruments for sale here have seen the combined work of as many as four members of our allied bass luthier team. These outstanding luthiers include Jeff Sahs, Hannah Mayne, Michael Olivola, Allan Droyan, and Josh Tharp. Examples of the kinds of basses that have resulted from these collaborative team efforts are briefly outlined on the main page of the website.