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Used Yamaha SB 100 “Silent Bass”


Used Yamaha SB 100 “Silent Bass” electric string bass. This consignment instrument has been well maintained and used in jazz performance settings. The beautiful design […]


1930 Juzek 3/4 carved back

This lush voiced example is the earliest label dated Juzek bass that I have ever had in the shop. Recently completely overhauled and set up […]


1999 Dominic Zuchowicz 7/8 “Montagnana” model

Another great doublebass from celebrated Ottowa viol maker, Dominic Zuchowicz. I had this bass made for me during the wild days of the “dotcom” boom […]


1926 Otto Rubner gamba shape 3/4 carved back

An especially fine sounding example of Otto Rubner’s early work. Josef Rubner (1864-1927) Started the Markneukirchen family bass making business and was best known for […]