New Shen SB 190W 5/8 hybrid


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This new Shen SB 190W 5/8 size hybrid (2019-4-61) comes just in time for the start of the school year. This model has been very popular for years as a fine middle school sized orchestral instrument. The fine grain spruce top is complex in voice and quite beautiful. The sides are solid willow, which helps to give the instrument added presence in the low end of the tonal range. The back is laminated maple for stability and a nice price point. Other details are the mid-grade brass tuning machines, Hill style ebony tailpiece, German bridge with added adjusters, and a 10 mm steel rod endpin. Dimensions are: Top length 41 1/4″, Upper bout width 19 3/4″, Middle bout width 14″, Lower bout width 25 1/2″, Depth at tail 8 3/8″, depth at upper bout corner 7 7/8″, Depth at neck joint 6 7/8″, String length 39 5/8″. The voice of this bass is bold and colorful. The setup by Jeff Sahs is very easy for young hands to play. With cover.


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