New Shen SB 150 hybrid 3/4


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This new Shen SB 150 hybrid 3/4 (2018-5-45) is a somewhat complex sounding example with more harmonic sparkle for soloing jazz players or for arco players regularly extending into the thumb position area of the fingerboard. Fine grain spruce top, Laminated maple back and sides, Gold plated single unit tuning machines, Ebony nut, fingerboard, and tailpiece saddle, Ebonized tailpiece, 10 mm Steel rod endpin, Teller bridge with added adjusters, Red oil varnish finish, Strung with D’Addario Zyex strings. DIMENSIONS are: Top length 42 1/2″, Upper bout width 20″, Middle bout width 14 1/2″, Lower bout width 26 1/8″, Depth at tail 8 1/2″, Depth at upper bout corner 8″, Depth at tail 6 5/8″, String length 41 1/4″. This colorful sounding bass is a fine addition to the school orchestra or jazz band. With cover.

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