Featured Instruments


ca. 1895 Eastern European 7/8 flatback


This consignment ca. 1895 Eastern European 7/8 flatback has been used most recently to play early music and in chamber orchestras. The spruce top is […]


2000 Special Shen SB 300 7/8 for NAMM show


This returning custom Shen SB 300 made for the NAMM show is my all-time favorite Shen bass ever in inventory. The spectacular woods were purchased […]


ca. 1910 Harwood large 3/4 carved back


This early 20th century “Harwood” model, originally sold through a Chicago area distributor, is a prime example of the fine german shop workmanship and top […]


ca. 1924 Hawkes Panormo


The consignment ca. 1924 Hawkes Panormo model (serial number 924) is in very clean and original condition. It responds with a profoundly powerful orchestral voice […]


New Neolson Italian model violin corner 3/4


This spectacular instrument was the special find of the January 2015 NAMM Show. Great material, classic design, and fine workmanship make this bass an especially […]


1820 Joseph Baldantoni 3/4


This consignment cornerless 1820 Joseph Baldantoni 3/4 bass comes to us restored, set up, and fitted with a C extension by Robertson Violins. Lightly figured […]


ca. 1922 Hawkes Panormo 7/8 carved back

This recently restored ca. 1922 Hawkes Panormo 7/8 carved back bass lead a long jazz life with regular gigging and teaching play by its last […]


2001 Ciciliati 5 string 7/8 Flatback

This consignment 2001 Ciciliati 5 string 7/8 flatback has a mighty presence in a full orchestral setting. Figured Italian Poplar back and sides, Spruce top, […]


mid-19th century German 3/4 carved back

This amazing instrument appears to be a mid-19th century German carved back 3/4 bass with a replacement neck. It is one of the finest combination […]


ca. 1870 French 7/8 flatback

This wonderful old French 7/8 flatback, circa 1870, is in fine shape and functions as a powerful and clearly penetrating section or solo instrument. Well […]