Clean 2010 Upton custom Bohemian all-ply


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This extremely well preserved 2010 Upton custom Bohemian all-ply bass (sn 273) hardly shows any sign of use wear. The custom features for this instrument are: Violin corners, antiqued finish, fingerboard solo extension, bridge adjusters, and a Revolution Solo II pickup, which has been removed. The setup was primarily for jazz playing, with the capability to practice scales with a bow.  The top, back, and sides are maple-poplar laminate, the neck is maple, the Rubner single unit tuning machines are antiqued. The nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, and tailpiece saddle are ebony. The endpin is a 10 mm steel rod type, and the strings are a lightly broken in set of Spirocore orchestra strings. The Revolution pickup is available separately and is easy to reinstall. With the original very clean Upton cover. This is a substantially built gigging instrument that will hold up under the rigors of a traveling life. The finish is lightly applied and the cosmetic details are crisply executed.

Price: $2,650