ca. 1900 German 7/8 flatback with McCarthy extension


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This 7/8 German flatback bass dates from about 1900 and has successfully been used in California metropolitan orchestras.  Plain maple back, sides, and neck, Medium grain spruce top, McCarthy gated C extension, Brass halfplate tuners with hat peg posts, Ebony fittings, Maple bridge fit by Pat McCarthy, Dark red-brown varnish finish. Dimensions are: Top length 45 1/2″, Upper bout width 21 1/4″, Middle bout width 14 1/2″, Lower bout width 27 1/2″, Depth at tail 8 3/4″, Depth at upper bout corner 8 5/8″, Depth at neck joint 7 1/4″, String length 43 7/8″.  A very rewarding orchestral instrument with a room-filling voice.

Price: $22,000