ca 1890s German 3/4 ex-Lisa Gass


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This consignment ca. 1890s German 3/4 carved back bass was the orchestral instrument used by Lisa Gass for many years. Its current owner used it for jazz playing, but it still retains the bridge without adjusters that Lisa used. It is especial nice for orchestral use. Fine to medium grain spruce top with bold grain lines. Mildly flame figured European maple back, sides, and neck. The brass halfplate tuners work well and have been regularly minted with lubrication. Ebony nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, and tailpiece saddle. ULSA aluminum rod endpin. Lightly applied oil varnish finish. Spirocore orchestra gauge strings, though another type may be more appropriate for orchestral play. Lisa Gass attended to all of the repairs and maintenance when she owned this bass. DIMENSIONS are: Top length 42 1/2″, Upper bout width 20″, Middle bout width 15″, Lower bout width 25 1/4″, Depth at tail 8 5/8″, Depth upper bout corner 8 1/4″, Depth at neck joint 6 5/8″, String length 42 5/8″. This bass performs very well as a jazz instrument, but may find its best voice as an orchestral instrument, with a large, colorful presence. Includes cover.

Price: $9,000