2010 custom Upton Professor 5 string



This consignment custom 5 string Upton Professor model comes to the shop from a professional player who experimented with a 5 string bass at home for 6 years before going back to a 4 string bass with an extension that I had sold to him 13 years ago. Played exclusively in the house all of that time, this instrument presents as a nearly new instrument and has developed nicely with regular use in exercises and etudes. This professor model sports a medium grain width spruce top, Lightly figured Maple flat back, sides, and neck, Custom upgrade Sloane tuners, Ebony fittings, Belgian style bridge, Full Circle pickup Dark brown varnish finish, and a mixed set of Spirocore mittel on the B, E, and A, and Superflexible D, and G strings. DIMENSIONS are: Top length 43 7/8″, Upper bout width 20 5/8″, Middle bout width 15 5/8″, Lower bout 27″, Depth at tail 8 5/8″, Depth at upper bout corner 8 1/4″, Depth at neck 7 3/8″, String length 41 7/8″. Though there is room for more development of the voice through practice and performance play, the response is lively and very even at this stage. A very nice high student level instrument in nearly new condition. With cover.

Price: $7,950