2006 Xuechang Sun 3/4 model 520


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This consignment 2006 Xuechang Sun 3/4 model 520 is an especially fine example of this midrange Sun model. The Russian spruce top is typically beautiful with even grain width and strong winter grain lines. The moderately flame figured maple back, sides, and neck is nice and dense, with a great tap tone on the back. Gold plated halfplate tuners, Ebony fittings, 10 mm steel rod adjustable endpin, Maple bridge with added adjusters, dark orange spirit varnish, currently strung with Thomastik Bel Canto strings. Dimensions are: Top length 42 3/4″, Upper bout width 20″, Middle bout width 15″, Lower bout width 26″, Depth at neck 7″, Depth at upper bout corner 8″, Depth at tail 9 1/4″, String length 41 1/4″. This bass developed much of its voice from being an in-house jam session instrument in the owner’s home. While a very good pizz bass, the voice is especially compelling for all manner of arco play. A great choice for community orchestra or serious high school student. With cover.

Price: $4,500