2006 Mathias Thoma “Euro” all laminated large 3/4


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This 2006 Mathias Thomastik “Euro” model laminated large 3/4 bass was used for many years by a beginning orchestral player who has now graduated to an all-solid woods Xuechang Sun 3/4. This Mathias Thoma bass has an easy playing string length of 41 1/8″, a large voice due to the large 3/4 size configuration, and a well developed voice from consistent play. The dark orange lacquer finish is in nice condition, having been touched up recently by Jeff Sahs. Jeff also refined the surface of the fingerboard with a light planing last February. We also just replace the inexpensive endpin with a nice Ebony collar example with 10 mm steel rod, and installed new Zyex strings. The chrome plated Rubner halfplate tuning machines have been well maintained are are in fine working order. The Dimensions are: Top length 43 1/2″, Upper bout width 18 5/8″, Middle bout width 14″, Lower bout width 26 3/4″, Depth at tail 8 5/8″, depth at upper bout corner 7 7/8″, Depth at neck joint 7 1/2″, String length 41 1/8″. The bass functions equally well in orchestral or jazz pizz situations. With cover.

Price: $1,750