2004 Wilfer 7/8 model 11 neck reset, regraduated top


IMG_1954 IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1958 IMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1963 IMG_1964 IMG_1965 IMG_1966IMG_0001 IMG_0002This now huge-voiced 2004 Wilfer 7/8 size model 11 with violin corners and carved back has been recently upgraded with a neck reset for a 7″ bridge height and a top regraduation more greater ¬†anymore even response. Lightly flame figured european maple back and sides, Medium grain european spruce top, Maple neck, Engraved gold Rubner halfplate tuners, Ebony nut, fingerboard, tailpiece saddle, and Hill style tailpiece, German black anodized aluminum pin endpin, Aubert De Luxe bridge with adjusters added as part of a compressive new setup, Golden-orange varnish finish. Dimensions are: Top length 44 1/2″ inches, Upper bout width 20 3/4″, Middle bout width 14 3/4″, Depth at lower bout 27 1/4″, Depth at tail 8 7/8″, Depth at upper bout corner 8 7/8″, Depth at neck7 5/8″, String length 42 3/4″. This bass is now a spectacular jazz or orchestral section instrument with a very profound presence. It is one of my all-time favorite instruments from the modern era. With cover.

Price: $12,500