2003 Hofner-Mayne re-topped 593 model


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This especially fine sounding re-topped 2003 Hofner 593 model represents some of the large project customization work that we have done with our large allied team of doublebass luthiers, in this case Hannah Mayne. The bass suffered a severely broken top and had the neck removed for another project by the luthier that I purchased the intact back and sides from. A replacement top was ordered from Hofner and a suitable neck blank was selected from our large stock of replacement parts. Hannah did a masterful job of installing the top after regraduating it and recontouring the bass bar. The neck was installed with a healthy angle such as what was often used in Germany 125 years ago. The neck was fitted with a new fingerboard and Rubner “reverse position” halfplate tuners with a satin gold plated finish. It took about 6 months for Hannah Mayne to apply the antiqued varnish finish, which was well worth the wait. The result is a large voiced orchestral instrument with a rich, full response on the bottom strings and a colorful, penetrating quality on the top end. I am very pleased with the response to stringing with Pirastro Flexocore 92 orchestral strings for a rich, solid orchestral voice. A brighter tone color would be easily achieved with changing the strings to Pirastro Flexocore Deluxe.

The replacement spruce top has wide grain at the edges, narrowing to medium-fine grain at the center joint. The German maple back and sides show a little subtle flame figuring. The medium weight unfigured maple replacement neck was matched with a dense fingerboard blank. The tailpiece is a new french style ebony example of medium density. The deluxe ULSA brass endpin remains in fine condition. The German bridge was fitted with adjusters as part of the setup by the Sacramento luthier team of Jeff Sahs and Taylor Marsh. The dimensions are: Top length 42 1/8″, Upper bout width 19 5/8″, Middle bout width 14 1/2″, Lower bout width 25 5/8″, Depth at tail 8 1/2″, Depth at upper bout corner 8 1/4″, Depth at neck 6 7/8″, String length 41 3/8″. This instrument has a much larger arco voice than would be suggested by the modest size. A very mature colorful voice under a bow. With cover.

Price: Sold