2002 A&G small 3/4 MV 300R




This trade-in 2002 A&G small 3/4 MV 300R is a fully carved bass with a large voice and easily managed size for a smaller person. Spruce top, Maple back, sides, and neck, Gold plated halfplate tuners, Ebony nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, and tailpiece saddle, European maple bridge with added adjusters, Recently replaced 10 mm endpin, aAntiqued lacquer finish, Nut extension to reduce the string length to 40 3/8″, Strung with D’Addario Helicore hybrid strings. Dimensions are: Top length 40 3/4″, Upper bout width 18 1/2″, Middle bout width 13 1/2″, Lower bout width 26″, Depth at tail 8 1/2″, Depth at upper bout corner 7″, Depth at neck 5 5/8″, String length 40 3/8″. Played for several years by a high school and conservatory student, this bass has developed a mature voice. The condition is excellent, with no cracks or significant impact dents. A recent setup refinement by Jeff Sahs and Josh Tharp have made the playability and response much improved compared to the previous setup. With cover.

Price: $2,950