1999 Dominic Zuchowicz 7/8 “Montagnana” model

Another great doublebass from celebrated Ottowa viol maker, Dominic Zuchowicz. I had this bass made for me during the wild days of the “dotcom” boom and had to sell it in 2003 during the dark aftermath of the “dotcom” bust! The consigning owner is now concentrating on playing chamber music on a much smaller bass. The general dimensions were taken from an original Montagnana bass used in the Toronto symphony. Mildly flame figured Western Maple back, sides, and neck, Carved back with low postion break angle in the upper bout, Beautiful even grain medium stiffness Engelmann Spruce top, Long italianate scroll, single plate gold finish Rubner tuners wiwth ebony barrels, 1 3/4″ (4.4 cm) nut width, Thick ebony fingerboard, Adjustable bridge and latest setup by World of Strings’ Jon Petersen, Ebony tailpiece, String length 41 7/8″ (106.4 cm), Luminous antique dark orange varnish. Dimensions are: Top length 46″ (116.8 cm), Upper bout width 20 1/2″ (52.1 cm), Center bout width 15 1/4″ (38.7 cm), Lower bout width 27 1/4″ (69.2 cm), Depth at tail 8 7/8″ (22.5 cm), Depth at center bout 8 1/2″ (21.6 cm), Depth at neck 7″ (17.8 cm). The generally medium-light build and the low italian style top arching provide a free response and a rich, mature voice for both pizz and arco playing. This instrument has been broken in from lots of arco play and feels like a 100 year old doublebass. With tan Mooradian cover.

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