1995 Regraduated top Wilfer 5/8


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This nearly 25 year old 5/8 size Wilfer was hardly used in its old life. Now with a regraduated top, a remodeled bass bar, and a fresh new setup, the bass is proudly singing in a solid and colorful voice. The brown varnish finish shows little sign of having been handled and is crisply clean. The spruce top has stiffer sections of bold and narrower grain at the edge of the bridge feet, which helps to boost the upper midrange tonal colors. The plain maple back, sides and neck all have straight grain with no tension. The chrome plated Rubner tuners look nearly new. The bridge is a new German blank with added adjusters. The endpin assembly is a newly installed New Harmony model with solid graphite endpin. The dimensions are: Top length 40″, Upper bout width 18 3/4″, Middle bout width 13 1/2″, Lower bout width 24 5/8″, Rib depth at tail 7 1/4″, Riub depth at upper bout corner 7 1/8″, Rib depth at neck joint 5 3/4″, String length 38 1/8″. Though it has a bold jazz voice for its size when strung with Spirocore or Superflexible strings, this bass is an excellent choice for Arco work with Pirastro strings of various kinds or Corelli strings. With a brand new deluxe Christopher 5/8 cover.

Price: $9,500