1960s German 3/4 carved back w/ C ext


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This ca. 1960s German 3/4 carved back bass with a regraduated top and new Jason Brown C extension is a solid performance orchestral instrument and an easy size to manage. The medium grain spruce top is very even in character, with the wider grain at the edges. This top has had a recent regraduation performed by Allan Droyan. The maple back and sides are mostly unfigured and the back has a nice musical tap tone. The very mildly figured maple neck is of medium density and it has a stacked heel. The brass halfplate ┬átuning machines have been well maintained and turn smoothly. The new 4 capo Jason Brown C extension has the solid engagement detents the let the player know that they are fully engagement and require no wrestling to get them into precisely the right position. The ebony fingerboard and nut are recent replacements. The ebony hill style tailpiece and larger tailpiece saddle are also new replacements. ┬áThe maple bridge has added adjusters and new shaping refinements by Jason Brown. The endpin is the deluxe ULSA model with brass collar and 10 mm endpin. The varnish is a red-brown with orange highlights. The current stringing is Pirastro Flexocore Deluxe. The dimensions are: Top length 42 1/2″ (108.0 cm), Upper bout width 19 3/8″ (49.2 cm), Middle bout width 13 3/4″ (34.9 cm), Lower bout width 25″ (63.5 cm), Length of back including button 44″ (111.8 cm), Rib depth at tail 7 3/4″ (19.7 cm), Rib depth at upper bout crease 7 1/2″ (19.1 cm), Rib depth at neck 6 3/4″ (16.2 cm), String length 42 1/4″ (107.3 cm). This bass has a rich and solid orchestral voice, even though it is a fairly standard 3/4 sized instrument. The expert top regraduation by Allan Drown and setup by Jason Brown bring this bass into a nice functional balance and resulting rich musical voice. With cover.

Price: $12,000