1949 American Standard with upgrades


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This consignment 1949 American Standard is a great performance plywood bass with several upgrades that include: Neck reset, Ebony nut and fingerboard, Dresden bridge with added adjusters, Wittner tailpiece, and ULSA aluminum rod adjustable endpins. The original tuning machines were made in the H.N. White horn factory. Lacquer finish. Mixed set of Spirocore Orchestra gauge E and A strings, Spirocore weich D and /G strings. The bass remains in a fine condition and rewards with a strong and even pizz voice. Dimensions are: Top length 43 1/4″, Upper bout width 21″, Middle bout width 15 1/2″, Lower bout width 25 3/4″, Rib depth at tail 7 1/4″, Rib depth at upper bout crease 7 1/4″, Rib depth at neck 5 5/8″, String length 43 1/2″. A very nice example of my favorite vintage American plywood performance bass model. With cover.