1936 King Moretone

This 1936 King Moretone model (serial number 696) from the H.N. White Company is the earliest example that I have ever had in the shop. The original shattered neck was replaced with one salvaged from an old Kay, set with a generous modern overstand and using the original engraved plated brass “King Moretone” halfplate tuners. Even with the new shorter 41 7/8″ string length, this bass has a large, beefy voice with plenty of low end presence. Other upgrades are a nice thick ebony fingerboard, a new 6 ¬†7/8″ ¬†tall Aubert bridge with wooden adjusters, an older ebony tailpiece, and a Gotz aluminum endpin. Dimensions are: Top length 42″, Upper bout width 19″, Middle bout width 14 1/4″, Lower bout width 25″, Depth at neck 6 1/2″. Depth at upper bout bend 7 3/4″, Depth at tail 8″, String length 41 7/8″. It hardly seems possible to get this kind of low end depth from a slim outline 3/4 size laminated bass, but this one has it in spades. An especially fine sounding gig bass. With cover.

Price: Sold