1936-37 Gibson L-OO


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This great sounding player grade 1936-37 Gibson L-OO has had a few procedures that put the price into a very comfortable “player grade” range. This guitar has been in the same family for over 40 years now. The entire guitar, except the headstock face, was refinished long ago and a replacement pickguard of the correct shape made back then. The top has glued cracks on either side of the fingerboard extension, with a full width cleat between the neck block and fingerboard brace. The bridge is a replacement made of Brazilian rosewood, without the original bolts. There are no side cracks. The back has 5 repaired cracks, 2″-7″ long, all on the bass side. The neck has the usual assortment of small dents from play and capo use. The original tuners are slightly worn, but work well. The original ebony nut is in fine condition. Alan Perlman recently performed a neck reset and refret, so the voice and playability are in fine shape. This guitar is very fun to play and it has a strong, solid voice. With light duty hardshell case.

Price: $2,750