1930s German 3/4 carved back


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This consignment 1930s 3/4 carved back instrument is typically light and responsive. The bass has had a number of recent repair and performance enhancement procedures that make it ready for the jazz bandstand as a professional level performance bass. The medium grain top has had all but one cleat replaced and cracks glued or reglued. The sides had a few older cracks that were reglued. The back is free from injuries, save for some scratches and dings. The neck has recently been reset to increase the over stand height to modern specifications and to get a bridge height of 6 7/8″. The bridge was shimmed in the legs for the new taller dimension and a Full Circle pickup added for jazz performance. The Maple back, sides, and neck all have a nice rolling flame figure that is very attractive. The varnish has been lightly reconditioned in spots. The Rubner halfplate tuners (replacements?) work well with little backlash. The endpin is of the black plastic rod type. DIMENSIONS are: Top length 43″, Upper bout width 20″, Middle bout width 14 3/8″, Lower bout width 25 3/4″, Depth at tail 8 1/2″, Depth at upper bout corner 8 1/2″, Depth at neck 6 5/8″, String length 42″. I love the easy response and richness of the voice, even strung with Spirocore weich strings. A very nice gigging jazz bass. NO COVER. We have several options for a new or used cover.