1912 Pavel Zalud (Czech) 3/4 flatback


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This 1912 Pavel Zalud 3/4 flatback bass had previously led a gigging jazz life, hampered by a fairly low neck angle and low bridge height, along with being weighed down by a Full Circle pickup, which can act like a mute on a lightly built instrument. The interior label indicates that the company was first established in 1862. The first round of performance upgrades were a neck reset and replacement of the original dovetail neck joint with a conventional violin family mortise neck joint. Next came finish smoothing and filling in of worn bare spots left from several decades of jazz gigs. The final setup included a fingerboard planing, installation of a new soundpost and bridge, and the installation of a Realist pickup. A brand new New Harmony graphite endpin completed fittings upgrades. Previously, the old black painted whitewood tuning posts had been replaced with rosewood posts the compliment the reddish color of the original reddish oil varnish finish. Though it can double as an Arco bass, this instrument makes a wonderful jazz instrument. It is very responsive to Spirocore weich strings. The dimensions are: Top length 41 7/8″ (106.4 cm), Upper bout width 20 1/2″ (52.1 cm), Middle bout width 13 7/8″ (35.2), Lower bout width 24 7/8″ (63.2 cm), Depth at tail 8 5/8″ (21.9 cm), Depth at upper bout crease 8 1/8″ (20.6 cm), Depth at neck joint 6 3/4″ (17.1 cm), String length 41 7/8″ (106.4 cm), Bridge height 7″ (17.8 cm). The build style is of medium weight and fairly light back braces, The maple neck has a solid feel and moderate profile size. A very fine jazz instrument for the serious student or professional player. With cover.

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