1830 Carlo Giuseppi Arienti large 5/8 flatback

This wonderful early 19th century 5/8 bass was made by the Milanese maker Carlo Giuseppi Arienti about 1830. The arco voice speaks with great strength and a rich, velvety tone. Four piece unmatched Pine top, willow (?) sides, fruitwood back. The original scroll was grafted to a flame maple neck about 10 years ago during a complete restoration. Inlaid brass french style tuners, steel rod endpin, ebony tailpiece, high quality african ebony fingerboard, 10 year old bridge without adjusters, very light varnish on the corpus, dark varnish on the scroll, flush top and back plate edges, gamba corners. Dimensions are: Top length 41 1/4″, Upper bout width 18 1/4″, Middle bout width 13 3/4″, Lower bout width 24 1/2″, Depth at neck 6 5/8″, Depth at upper bout corner 9″, Depth at tail 9″, String length 40 1/8″. Carlo Arienti is known for the large, complex voice of his small basses and for the light varnish that he used. This is a magnificent solo instrument. With fabric cover.

Price: $40,000