2011 Eastman VB 90 hybrid 1/2 size


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This lightly used 2011 Eastman VB 90 hybrid 1/2 size bass came as a trade-in for a Shen 5/8 sized instrument. Jeff Sahs and Taylor Marsh in Sacramento performed a setup refinement and fingerboard planing, so it is functioning better than new. The solid spruce top has had a lot of energy put into in the school orchestras, so this bass is speaking very freely, with a rich musical voice. The dimensions are: Top length 39 1/4″, Upper bout width 17 1/4″, Middle bout width 12 5/8″, Lower bout width 24 1/4″, String length 37 3/8″. ┬áStrung with D’Addario Prelude string, this bass will be one of the standout instruments ini the middle school bass section. With cover.

Price: $2,250